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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Bear with a Monocle

19. Name and describe two types of land use that we talked about in class. Your description should include what the land does for us and if there are any negative qualities associated with it. (4 pts each)
The best type of land use is obviously replacing trees with parking lots. It's a shame when a hard working American can't find a parking spot at the QT when all they want is a 40 oz Diet Coke. Trees are communists & freedom isn't free.
Honestly I don't remember the other one so here's a bear with a monocle.
I do say old chap, I would be delighted if I receive partial credit!
what is that monocle attached too?

This ZOoF is all kinds of awesome! So many good lines in the the answer, a drawing, a teacher comment and success!

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