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Friday, September 4, 2009

To Dorian Gray

Oh, Dorian Gray
Your face is so pretty
Your teeth are so white
And your wit is so witty

Forever young you seem to be
Like a forever blooming flower
If only you were in the flesh like me
My heart could you devour

I love the men of our time
But they dislike my disposition
If only you could be mine
We could do it in any position

Oh, Dorian Gray
Even though forever fiction you will be
I will always hope for that far off day
When you'll be gay with me

Oscar Wilde

This is not appropriate for your major assignment.

The teacher wanted an essay on The Picture of Dorian Gray and this student turned in a homoerotic poem from Oscar Wilde to one of his characters. I don't see the problem here, give this kid an A!
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