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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

WTF Essay

What I would like to see in my aged parents/grandparents.
I am a boy. Boy is a boy. Girl is a girl but I am not a girl. Why I am not a girl is because I am a boy. A very good boy. I have a sister and three parents. Two mothers and one father. They are mad people and I am their mad child. We are all mad. When they are old, I am hoping that they have earned a lot of money by then. Money is money. Not money is not money. Money is good so I like money. When they are old they will not need so much money so I can take all their money and use. Because of my three parents, there are more of them to take care of each other. I can then go and use all their money as they do not need the money. They can go and play chess or sing songs together. Redo – for Frivolous

Was this written by an ESL student just stringing words together???
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