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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Epic test FAIL!!!

So many great answers on this test, my favourites are listed below:

1.) If a patient is hyperventilating, is the pH going up or down? Is the patient acidotic or alkalotic? (1 point)
Who gives a shit, they're probably old

6.) What determines a "Load and Go" situation? (1/2 point)
A bitch be askin for commitment

8.) What does it mean when the body is decompensating? (1/2 point)
When you shit in the living room and forget to wipe (funny story actually) - tell me after class

10.) What are the Five R's (2.5 points)
1. Rape 2. Rape 3. Rape 4. Rape 5. Raspberry

Having a bad day indeed!
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